Who We Are

KCL Infra Projects Limited has been established in July 1995 as a Limited Liability Company with an initial capital of 5,50,00,000.00 The directors are Mr. Mohan Jhawar, Mr. Sunny Khande Ms. Sunita Vora & Mr. Raju Shivaji Bhosale. The sponsors are well known entity in the road construction, canal, dam and many other works in constructions and development of infra projects since 2000 and had successfully completed. They are knowledgeable in the field with project management and execution being his forte, also he is well versed in various fields of mining engineering in India. He leads his teams to victory as far as execution and completion goes.

KCL has been committed to provide a better living experience to its customers through constant innovation. Most of these initiatives have been taken beyond KCLs regular line of business. KCL has been focused on providing the most ethical and performance based financial services since its inception. We believe in offering a highly process driven and diligent trading experience for our clients.

What we offer & our services:
- Construction & Infrastructure
- Consultancy
- Trading, Derivative Equity & Unit

Group companies:.
- KCL Stock Broking Ltd.
- KCL Entertainment Ltd.
- KCL Realities Ltd.